caseWAP-click test with ROI 142%

Offer: 2502 [VN]-Mobifone, Vinaphone, Viettel-unlockcontent-G

Payout: $0.35

Traffic source: Adsterra

Spent: $106

Profit: $77.7

ROI of the funnel: 142%

Here is a case from our media buying team that tests offers and finds working approaches.

The goals of the ad campaign
  1. [goal]to test a new offer
  2. [goal]test Social Bar in Adsterra
  3. [goal]find a converting approach for further scaling
![requirements] In order to cover as many of our offerers as possible with tests, in order to have statistics for our partners we don’t spend more than $100 on tests.
settings of the ad campaign
  1. [payout model]CPC
  2. [Format]social bar
  3. [Traffic type]since creatives are decent => mainstream + adult
  4. [device]only mobile
  5. [OS]Android 7.0 and higher
while choosing a minimum bid for CPC Adsterra offers $2 for a thousand clicks. Since we’ve already carried out tests in this network, we already had black/white-lists, that is why we managed to get the bid at $0.0044 and bought better quality traffic.
creatives that we used
![approach] approach: hackers hacked phones and stole archives. If you want to look at the girls - follow the link. Social Bar does give the opportunity for customization, but we opted for regular push design. With some creatives we had the same text, but changed photos.
ad campaign results

we started with a pre-lander. It gave a nice CTR, but with the number of clicks (7.5k) the campaign didn’t give any money. With the second campaign we reworked the pre-lander and got a funnel with ROI 22%.

to test all possible approaches. We also launched a campaign with no pre-lander and it was the one that gave us 142% ROI.

28.02.22 - 01.03.22 affiliate world global