Dostavista — Dostavista is a delivery service working in 24 cities in Russia. 75% of the clients are small to middle-size companies: marketplaces, logistics companies, restaurants and cafes, pharmacy chains, E-grocery and foodtech.

How does it work? Couriers are partners of the service that deliver packages and get additional income. Clients get their deliveries the same day without waiting long hours.

The goals of the ad campaign
  1. [goal]get more recognition in South Korea, Mexico and Malaysia
  2. [goal]increase the number of installs and registrations, make the brand more widespread
  3. [goal]increase the conversion from install to first order
![requirements] the advertiser was mostly interested in ASA (Apple Search Ads) and promoting the app in AppStore because during their tests the conversion from other stores was 50% worse. however, install percent by the users from ASA amounts to 40-60%.even though for such high percentage the app needs for brand awareness.
For the ad campaign
  1. [Campaign type]Search Basic
  2. [target]iInstall
  3. [Budget]$10 000
  4. [payout model]по CPI
  5. [languages]korean, spanish, malaysian
creatives that were used
In creatives we put emphasis on the interface of the app and the advantages of choosing Dostavista as a delivery service. The key advantages that we stressed were: easy to pay for, faster delivery, wide geography.
ad campaign dynamics
in South Korea/ August 2019 - October 2019
  • 29k installs
  • 25% cr registration
  • 30% cr identification
Statistics from AppsFlyer
for South Korea (GEO with the best results)
[august] [september] [october]
for all GEOs (South Korea, Mexico and Malaysia)
CR growth in app registrations during the entire traffic period
ad campaign results
The number of orders has risen 5,7 times with CR by 7.7%

28.02.22 - 01.03.22 affiliate world global